We're on a mission...

Commerce Futures is an events & media business with a popular events series that engages with business leaders and practitioners in the following sectors: 

  • Multichannel brands and retailers 
  • Media, entertainment and publishing 
  • Travel and tourism 
  • B2B commerce (wholesale, manufacturing, FMCG, logistics) 
  • The Third Sector

Our mission? To be the most trusted advisor to our community, creating an environment for each member to excel in their roles and progress their careers at the rate of knots. How do we do this? By delivering them the best insight available through our events, our network and their peers. 

Our content (live or otherwise) is brought to the Commerce Futures community by industry peers and experts. We know it is this type of insight that supports our audience in their quest to grow their business. 

So why did we decide to join what is arguably the most saturated market out there? The reason is simple; we know our community's time is more precious than ever, and as a result the opportunity to engage with one's peers is becoming more limited. With this in mind, what is worse than taking part in a learning engagement only to discover it is in fact a lion's den full of suppliers waiting to pounce? 

At Commerce Futures we will give our delegates the opportunity to rub shoulders with like-minded individuals who are facing, or better still have overcome the exact same trials and tribulations as one another. After all isn't this the most valuable type of support and therefore the very best use of one's time?