The Team

Jamie Hancox, Founder

Jamie was lucky to be interviewed by a fellow cellist on the Milk Round and offered his first sales role at VNU on the spot in 1988. After a successful sales career in technology publishing at Ziff Davis both in London and New York he moved into advertising – helping to grow London based Worth Communications into the foremost EMEA technology specialist in the late nineties. A rainmaker at heart, he developed a taste for helping startups in both of these industries, and so when he started his own business he specialized in helping companies to accelerate growth from outside the "friends and family" to a repeatable and mature sales and marketing operation. His own company Buyingtime Limited is now 10 years old and has helped over 60 clients win more than £40m in first year deals from new clients in that time. As Director at Commerce Futures, Jamie drives commercial partnerships.

Outside work he is married with three young boys – who make sure he forgets about work the moment he walks in the door.

Josie Cummings, Brand Manager

Josie’s capacity for learning is enormous. Still early in her career, Josie has joined us after 5 years in an events agency to run Commerce Futures. Having digested the vagaries of eCommerce and all of its nuances, she is building her team and extending our network of content providers, speakers and suppliers. We keep the independence of our events close at heart, and Josie’s fierce independent streak is critical to that positioning.

Outside of work Josie enjoys traveling abroad with her fiancé and is a big fan of outdoor activities, you will often find her cycling the South Downs, paddle boarding on the Solent or skiing the Alps.

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Tom Young, Audience Ambassador

Before joining Commerce Futures Tom spent almost eight years at Waitrose, working his way up from a ‘weekender’ to Team Leader – becoming a stable member and support for his colleagues.  He decided it was time to trade in his regular customer base for a loyal community at Commerce Futures. While the two companies couldn’t seem more different, the more time he spends at Commerce Futures Towers, the more he realises they have plenty in common. Tom has been able to transfer a lot of his interpersonal and customer service skills along with his calm, collected and friendly approach in order to become the go-to guy at any of the Commerce Futures events he has been a part of.

As the Audience Ambassador for Commerce Futures, Tom has a clear directive to be constantly engaged with our community, provide them with all the information they need and most importantly protect their best interests.

Out of the office, Tom is described as a keen sportsman, follower of all things sport and a big film buff, so when he’s not at the desk or soaking up the atmosphere at an event he’s usually checking in on the latest scores, results and updates, gearing up to play football, swim or cycle, or watching the latest blockbusters.

Krista Brown, Data Manager

Krista has worked with us since 2013, and has witnessed our gradual growth into a multi-disciplined business. One of the most sweet-tempered members of our team, nothing grinds Krista's gears more than a piece of data for one of our events that isn't just right - she just feels that it needs to be superb.

Krista owns the Commerce Futures data-segmentation and audience project entirely, and protects that data and its use fiercely. As with all of our data team, Krista's skills in all of the tools that we use have developed enormously over the last few years, so much so that our clients ask for advice and expertise in how they should organise their own contact data on a regular basis.

In the outside world and besides data management, Krista is married with two young boys that always keep her on her toes. Oh, and she likes to run & keep fit - no matter what the weather.