About Us

We believe brands deserve a safe space to share, learn and confide. And that we can create it.

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Our events industry has become staid and uninspiring, characterised by salespeople that only see you as a job title or a KPI. But that can change.

Events are about people. They don't just give you opportunities, they give you friends, knowledge, drive. A safe place where you can share, learn and confide (without being asked to 'hop on a call') should be the norm. Not the exception.

Commerce Futures loves a keen bean. Someone who voraciously contributes, relentlessly seeking knowledge to be better in their role…or the role they want to be in…and then sharing that knowledge with any who need it. Our events and community are designed for people who care about “what’s next.”

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Commerce Futures events are wonderfully organised sessions with like-minded professionals from across the industry.

Jim Herbert, CEO

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Why Join Us

Commerce Futures events are exclusive and carefully vetted. We welcome anyone to apply as you may be suitable for future events.

Our promises to you:

  • A trusted environment where you can talk to peers without fear of being sold to
  • Honest opinions, thoughts and feedback on vendors from people you trust, with no agenda
  • Content from speakers like you, who share your problems and goals
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Upcoming Events

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Store Tour

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Content & Commerce

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The Growth Dinner

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Redefining Brand

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