Bespoke event services

Turning dinner guests into clients, like water into wine.

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Events inspire, delight, and bring people together. Bespoke events bring the right people together – the people you want to talk to, that you want to know – and prime them to think about the problems you solve. There’s no selling, but there is value.

Commerce Future’s bespoke event services source delightful venues, find valuable and insightful guest speakers and craft interesting event themes and topics to attract and engage your target audience.

Breakfast summits, half-day conferences, working lunches, dinners and round-table discussions; whatever suits your audience and your needs, we make it happen.


Conferences and Dinners

No doubt – there was something special in the air at both MACH ONE and MACH TWO. There’s a real atmosphere of fellowship at these events – manifested through beautifully curated speaker agendas, and amazing audiences of technology leaders eager to join in on every discussion. People from all walks of eCommerce came, but everyone left feeling “MACH-Ready”.

Salespeople from members told us they’d seen better outcomes from MACH ONE than most other trade shows or events that year. MACH TWO, we’re told, brought more of the same.  Some even said that MACH Alliance events should be considered the benchmark when it comes to industry events going forward. That got our little egos hopping!

Delegates gave us rave reviews, and speakers proudly promoted their participation on LinkedIn. In short, everyone achieved their aims. Most importantly, we “moved the needle” for the MACH Alliance. And that’s what these bespoke events are all about.

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Commerce Futures delivered an exceptional customer experience on this first critical event for us. With so many uncertainties around how this event would be received by members and delegates we really valued the commitment and skill set of the team, and in particular their focus on the delegate experience and content. Looking forward to many more successful events with this great crew.

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It’s not often you can say an event evokes ‘glamour and brutalism’. In this instance, however, we can – because that’s how Sea Containers London describes itself. And that’s where we hosted Klevu’s inaugural conference, Discovered. 

Over 180 delegates from across the retail ecosystem flocked to this remarkable anchor on the River Thames to hear from contemplative, the meticulous, the enigmatic speakers from Creed Fragrances, Stussy, and many other brands. A truly amazing day of content and connections.

Ryff Spheera product launch event


Product Launch

What makes a world-class event? A world-class product launch coupled with a world-class venue.

Commerce Futures worked with Ryff, the world’s most dynamic digital content insertion platform, to raise awareness for its latest product launch. The venue; Bafta House, red carpet glamour in the heart of London’s West End. The audience; over 100 practical, colourfully functional, most exceptionally lovable creatives and digital revolutionaries. The outcome? A stunning event, and utter Madness. Literally; Suggs from Madness was a speaker.

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Commerce futures worked with us right from the start on our event to launch our new platform Spheera at BAFTA in London. They quickly set up a micro site for registrations and assisted in gaining attendees. They assisted with menu and drink selections based on their experience which was incredibly helpful. On the night of the event the team managed everything from welcoming guests, issuing badges, herding guests to and from the presentation room and generally keeping things on track. I would highly recommend using Commerce Futures to organise your event.

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AWS Dinner Event - attendees sat around dinner tables



How many events do you have to run with an events agency like Commerce Futures before it’s too many events? Four? Eight? We don’t know. And we hope we never find out. AWS are on 12 at the moment, and we hope that keeps going.

Commerce Futures designed a program with AWS with one goal in mind; engaging C-Suite roles, from customers and net new target accounts. Each event, all twelve of them, has an individual theme. Unique speakers. And highly curated content and agenda for the evening.