Global Christmas Window Audit

December 20, 2021


Global Christmas Window Audit image - shows festive decorations


This is the 4th edition of the Global Christmas Window Audit. It has always been a visual reference for Festive Window Display, but this year it has evolved. There are over 500 pages of windows, grouped by retailer categories for easy reference and comparison. In addition, for this year we have added two new elements to the audit. has kindly worked with me to analyse selected images, to look at the effectiveness of the designs and create a scoring system for 3 key criteria. In addition, Maybe Tech has provided some analysis of some brands’ social media activity in December, to help compare their physical store window with the activity and engagement they are creating online. Finally, for the first time, this report has official sponsors too, I want to offer a welcome Commerce Futures and NewStore to the Christmas Window Audit. Ok, let’s take a look at what we found this year…

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