Luxury Wine Tasting

March 29, 2021


Luxury Wine Tasting Event Summary Whitepaper


The Luxury sector has always been one to watch, with many brands rich in heritage and legacy. Every year Commerce Futures holds their infamous Luxury Dinner, bringing together industry leaders to discuss the ever-demanding landscape, from customer experience in-store and online, and how to take the leap of faith into the new digital world whilst keeping the brands heritage and the board happy. This year, the three course meal in a beautiful London venue was replaced with a relaxed but enjoyable evening in the comfort of our own homes over fun, indulging in wine tasting from The Little Fine Wine Company! Despite the change, we still held a group of attendees with over 50 years of luxury brand experience between them, and the discussions still remained the same - what is a luxury digital experience? Everyone’s on a mission to create brand advocacy and a compelling story.

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