Subscription Addiction

April 22, 2021


Subscription Addiction 2021 Whitepaper


Succeeding in Lockdown and Beyond. Retail subscription services have been around for a long time. However, the combination of continued growth in online retail plus the COVID-19 pandemic, which saw many of us seeking new ways to shop, has furthered heightened their popularity. Subscription services for physical goods were an attractive proposition even before the COVID-19 pandemic.A 2019 Royal Mail survey found that over a quarter (27.4%) of UK consumers were signed up to a subscription box service, with over half of those aged 25-34 (52.1%) signed up to at least one1. In many sectors the pandemic then accelerated take-up. In April 2020, the first full month of lockdown in the UK, spending on digital content and subscription services jumped by 50%. In Britain every household is signed up to an average of seven regular subscription services.

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