Future State Breakfast

Time to look forward again


Welcome to our Future State breakfast- thank you for joining us! Throughout the morning you’ll have the opportunity to network and discuss subjects that truly impact upon the success of your businesses. A big thank you to Intuit Mailchimp and our panellists Anca, Tina and Jonas.

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1.) Where do you envision your business in 18 months? What steps are you currently taking to ensure you reach that future state?

2.) In the ever-evolving digital landscape, what trends are you currently experiencing, and do you foresee these trends continuing in the coming years? How are you preparing to navigate these digital shifts?

3.) Technology choices play a significant role in shaping the trajectory of a business. What technologies are you considering adopting or investing in to propel your business forward over the next 18 months?

4.) Teams are at the heart of organisational success. What dynamics are you observing within your teams that are contributing to success or failure? How will you adjust your team structures for the upcoming year and beyond?

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Ø12 Plate

Avocado Smash, chia pudding, bacon, scrambled eggs, chili cheese sausage, Comté, salmon, butter, sourdough and rye bread.

In Attendance

If you have any questions or would like to be introduced to another delegate, please ask a member of the Commerce Futures team.

Commerce Futures Team
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We continually strive to enhance our events to ensure your utmost enjoyment, and for this reason, we rely on your input for ongoing improvements. Please fill in our short survey - We welcome any feedback – rest assured, we won’t take offence!

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