Paperchase Launch New Responsive Design Website

July 8, 2015


Paperchase Launch


Georgia Jones, Marketing Manager, Redbox Digital

Responding to increased consumer demand for mobile shopping opportunities, Paperchase have launched a new responsive design website. The new site, which uses the Magento Enterprise platform, aims to offer online shoppers the fastest and most efficient online shopping experience, regardless of whether they are using a mobile, tablet, laptop or desktop computer.

Joe Irons, Multichannel Director at Paperchase, said: “We have seen a 100% increase in customers shopping on mobile devices in the last three years, particularly on tablets. The new site allows us to provide our customers with a seamless shopping experience between desktop, tablet and mobile, which is bolstered by the introduction of responsive email newsletters.”

The new site is clearer, more streamlined, faster, and much easier to use, offering consumers improved product details and editorial style images that are designed to inspire and showcase product collections. It also allows shoppers to see product details and finishes inherent to the Paperchase brand on updated landing pages, which aid product selection and provide inspiration through buyers’ hints and tips. It also features a reminder calendar, where customers can set reminders to purchase cards and gifts for all their special occasions, and offers an extensive collection of personalised cards.


Irons explained: “The customer has been at the heart of our bid to provide the ultimate online shopping environment. Product images are 50% bigger, with added rollover zoom function, and the improved descriptive copy allows customers to get a better understanding of the products they are looking to purchase.”

In addition to the new website Paperchase has launched a click and collect service, which gives customers the option to collect goods from selected pilot stores. The retailer aims to have 50 stores launched into the programme by this June.

Paperchase is also targeting continued expansion into Europe and the US, by launching regional sites for shoppers in each market at and

Irons added: “The international launch and recent partnerships with market leaders such as ASOS reflect Paperchases strategy to focus on changes in customer shopping behaviour whilst strengthening our offline and online message, both in the UK and globally.  “Paperchase understands that as a brand we need to engage our customers in the markets and arena they are moving in. As this evolves we want to be ready to move with them whether that be through a stronger international presence or through our online channels.”

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