Content & Commerce

June 6, 2019


Content & Commerce 2019 Whitepaper


How to deliver content that counts. In 2019, thanks to smartphones, people are consuming huge amounts of content. Or, to be more accurate, they are scrolling through huge amounts of content: according to one estimate, even a light user is scrolling through content equivalent to the height of the Eiffel Tower each month, while a heavy user can be scrolling the height of the Bahrain World Trade Center every week. As Raymond Murphy, Head of Content at furniture and homeware brand, points out, “There’s a lot of noise out there, so the challenge is to stop people scrolling and get them to focus on your content.” Good online content contributes to a brand’s success. That’s indisputable. But what kind of content should that be? How big a factor is social media? And how should the continuing shift to mobile influence your content plans? In this whitepaper, we’ll present the thoughts of practitioners from companies large and small, new and old, who have all been tackling these challenges in different ways.

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