Conversion Commerce

May 21, 2019


Conversation Commerce


When running a business, every single thing you do has one ultimate end goal: to make a profit. Whether you’re choosing or creating products or services to sell, trying to capture the attention of people or companies who might buy those products or services, or moving them through the sales funnel (and back through it multiple times), it’s all about the bottom line. And to do that, you need to convert browsers into buyers. Nobody knows for sure exactly what the average global conversion figure is, but the most widely quoted statistic is 1%–3%. Differences in attribution models also make it hard to produce definitive figures for comparison with your own. What does seem to be agreed on is that conversion rates in the UK are not only higher than the global average, but also higher than the US: Wolfgang Digital quotes this as 1.8% (UK) vs 1.4% (US), while Monetate suggests figures of 4.04% (UK) vs 2.23% (US).

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