Digital Style

March 5, 2019


Digital Style Machester 2019 Whitepaper


Innovate to Disrupt In any race, knowing the prize is the single biggest incentive to do your best. For eCommerce, that prize is a share of a total market that, according to Statista, is predicted to be nearly £70 billion in the UK alone in 2019, out of a European market of £284 billion and a global market of £1.5 trillion.i And it’s growing fast: the global compound annual growth rate over the next 5 years is expected to be 8.0%. Clearly, a portion of this pot would be nice. But what’s more compelling is that eCommerce user penetration in the UK is already just a whisker under 80%, changing ‘nice’ to ‘crucial’: no brand can afford not to succeed in the digital marketplace when it dominates the overall B2C environment so emphatically. At our recent Digital Style conference in Manchester, among the brand values that were universally agreed to be vital were authenticity, integrity and consistency. Other key values are being relatable, professional and relevant. All of these should inform your content and communications across all channels.

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