Global Commerce

October 26, 2018


Global Commerce Whitepaper


Most companies want to grow and many will do that by looking beyond the UK’s shores, where there are myriad opportunities for those that choose the right locations and implement well-planned strategies. No one knows for certain how big the global commerce market is or how much it will grow, but it’s undeniably huge. Statista, for example, suggests retail e-Commerce sales worldwide will grow to US$4.88 trillion by 20211, while eMarketer puts the figure at US$4.48 trillion2. These figures are just for e-Commerce, which globally represents the minority of overall retail sales but is growing significantly faster than other channels, due in large part to the boom in mobile commerce. According to 451 Research, digital commerce transactions will grow globally at more than a 20% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) up to 2022, reaching $5.8 trillion, by which time more than 17% of B2C sales will be online*.

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