Sports And Outdoor

April 4, 2019


Sports & Outdoor 2019 Whitepaper


Deploying digital to harness a passion for exercise. Sport and exercise lovers really are a unique group. In the over-serviced retail sector, relatively few consumers could really be described as obsessive about shopping or desperately loyal to specific brands. Athletes and keep-fit fans, on the other hand, are often very passionate about their hobby and this strongly influences how and where they spend their money. The challenge is to monetise this passion with appropriate digital solutions, both clientfacing and behind the scenes. There are many ways to define this market, but to give some idea of the opportunity available, the wellness and fitness segment in the UK is predicted to be worth £22.8 billion by 2020. Meanwhile, Deloitte suggests the European health and fitness market grew to €26.6 billion in 2017, making it the largest fitness market in the world, with the UK as the second largest national market in Europe, just behind Germany. Deloitte also gives the value of the global commercial fitness equipment industry as an estimated €2.88 billion.

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