B2B eCommerce

The second eCommerce Futures event to be hosted in the US took place in Rosemont, Chicago. B2B eCommerce: Why online retail means business brought together senior eCommerce professionals from brands including Knife-Xpress, Valspar, Life Fitness, Danze and Merrick Pet Care.

Speakers from MINDSCAPE, Coleman Cable, GFI Software, Edmund Optics and Qubit shared their insights into building an effective eCommerce strategy and increasing customer loyalty. Including how to leverage learnings from B2C merchandising, improving the user experience and measuring success.

The speakers’ presentations are available to view below. You can also read coverage of the event in Internet Retailer here.


Managing change, a case study - John Suarez, Coleman Cable

How to approach your B2B Marketing like B2C - Pete Brand, MINDSCAPE

The B2B Journey - Steve McAveeney, GFI Software

The B2B commerce of the future - Simon Dean, Qubit & Geoffrey Forman, Edmund Optics